Sunday, November 26, 2006

Toddler Tips?

I went to a blog that had tips for success with managing a toddler's diabetes. It's located at . . .

The title of the article is titled Toddlers with Diabetes: Tips for Success
Here is a portion of the article:

"Since a blood sugar test typically involves a pin prick, consider ways to make the entire process less scary and painful for your child.

There are several high quality testing monitors on the market that are made especially for youngsters with diabetes.

Also, speak with your child and let him or her know the exact reason why this test needs to be performed.

Education is the key to understanding."

Education is the key to understanding?
With older children maybe but not a toddler; especially with a child under the age of 2.

Repetition is the key to compliance in a toddler. My daughter was 2 when she was diagnosed in August 2006. She is O.K. most days with Blood Glucose testing but I know she doesn't understand why we do this. She knows she has diabetes and that diabetes=pokes (injections & finger sticks & pump site changes). Most of the time she says "No mommy! No poke me!" or cries. When we got her medicalert bracelet she liked it until somebody (o.k. that somebody was me) pointed out that it said diabetes on the back. She tried to rip off the bracelet. We are laying the foundation for future knowledge & understanding but there is no way she understands now.

It would have been nice to see tips on HOW to explain to a 2 year old or HOW to make things less painful for a toddler. Sigh, if anyone reads this thing point me in the right direction.