Friday, January 11, 2008

New Chair

How do you like Bren
s new chair? Always warm, cozy extremely portable and available in a variety of colors the Grandpa can be found anywhere grandkids congregate! Order yours today.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

These Shoes

I normally wear flatter-than-pancake shoes. Today, I helped MC with StoryTime and didn,t fall over - even during
Jumping & Counting by Jim Gill!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Ninja Dan

masked attacker
Originally uploaded by treeee.
Tree took some amazing photos of my bigger baby brother and his family when baby Max was being born. This one cracks me up.


This is something they didn't warn me about. My darling daughter will be forever more prone to developing abscesses. Back in October she got one on the back of her leg. It was just a small pimple looking thing in the morning which she scratched and by afternoon it was an angry red and about the size of a quarter. We thought it was a bug bite. We went to emergency with all the coughing, puking people. They lanced it & sent us home to go take antibiotics. She is normally my best medicine taker -- she refused. I used every trick -from memory, books, and google to try and get it in her. I thought I was successful but the abscess got worse. To make a long story short she had to be admitted to the hospital with IV drugs PLUS the original antibiotic that I couldn't get into her. Each nurse added something new to my bag of tricks but it would only last for a short time before we had to try something else. It was a staph infection but the average run of the mill sort not the killer scary one that hit the news at about the same time. Trust your local librarian. I went to work morning after she was discharded from the hospital and was griping about it to my coworkers (librarians all) and I discovered (rediscovered?) Bribery! So we got a sticker chart and after all her medicine was taken for the day she got a pony. My Little Pony that is. She kept seeing them on the TV at the hospital and she likes to play with the herd that lives at preschool so I was set. It worked!

Yesterday, we noticed another one on her bottom. It's small and, so far, she hasn't complained about any pain but she was limping like Quasimodo and saying "I'm O.K., Mommy, I'm O.K." with the last one so I can't be sure. When she sits still for 2 minutes (eating, playing with forementioned bribe, etc.) I slip a warm compress under her. Nice warm baths. Neosporin. God, I hope this works. I don't want to do this again.

And this goes there . . .