Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lot's to say, but not today . . .

I have so much to write about but since I'm already a sleep deprived wreck I'll do it another time.
Things I want to post about (teaser for you, reminder for me so I don't get brain drain by the time I log in with a great idea)

- Brenna & Preschool (yep, she started!)
- Rowan & Kinder
- Therin in 3rd (and the 1st IEP of the year)
- Staph infection
- Oh, Dad, what was that cute thing that Brenna said that we were supposed to write down but didn't
- My Dad & stories (board books for babys & the banilla pony)
- Work (but I probably won't say all of what I want)
- Responsibilities
- Vampires
- Renfaire!!