Saturday, June 28, 2008


Ah, summertime. 
Sitting on the front porch with good company watching the girls run around like crazy while slurping on a Sam Adams and shootin' the breeze. 
Languishing while waiting for Rock Band to load, "crap! who hit that button? we have to start over again!" Fingers flying (ok on Medium) through Dani California, Creep, and Detroit Rock City songs blurring together beautifully. Except when I warble Margaritiaville then hand the mic back to our lovely singer. 
Lovely piano tunes dulcetly drifting by.
Counting the fireflies that my littlest "bug whisperer" scoops up effortlessly. 
"What's that on my nose?"- "A Kiss!!" 
Finding out that I'm fond of fondue. 
Lounging with my Mom.
Watching my baby brother do his daddy duties: tickle babies, mix formula, apply sunscreen, wipe booties, and make it look easy.
Digging minnow traps by the river's edge. 
Teaching my boys how to play UNO. 
Sweet singing to BabyMax making me cry. Hey, you were crying too! 
Frogs and fun at Nanny & Papa's, "girls! stop picking those flowers!"  
Nineteen finger-pokes in one day to keep numbers marching a straight line in the logbook. Now if only I could get paid to be an artificial external pancreas.
Naptime! "I can hear every word you say. . . snore."
Three thunderstorms tamping the heat of the day into the earth. 
A fourth storm following us to California to strike just minutes after my father-in-law says "we don't have weather like that around here. ever."
Splashing at the pool. 
Twenty minute call to Animas when the pump screen goes blank. Dry everything off and have it work again - whew.
Swinging at the park. 
Uncle Dan or Junglegym? 
1 a.m. with the girls "just say sorry, hug, and go to sleep. please." 
Hanging in the kitchen, shouldn't I be helping more? Oh, look at that drawing! Thanks for the Spongebob Trev.
Fun with Penguins. More fun with Tongo. 
Watching YouTube over Trevor's shoulder. 
Jake stopping in with the ladies. 
Tessalita, Brennaboo, Ro, and Ther all crammed in the sandbox. 
Mom's day out without the kids! Target, icecream, and an outdoor biker bar. Ahhh.
Getting to hang out with my Virginia family. . . 

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and higher still

and higher still
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The kids had a blast at the company picnic. There was food and candy all over the place. With that great rock wall, a bouncy house, and so many things to do Brenna's numbers didn't bounce too high.

Therin and Rowan had a great time running around. Therin climbed the rock wall 7 times! Wow!