Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Nope, not the snazzy lenses you see on T.V. that darken in the sunlight. I'm talking about the messy phases of life that everybody experiences.

School starts August 27. Already I have pulled out Therin's yearbook and pointed out his new teacher. My Mom has been awesome getting him to read out loud to her during the day and doing math from last years workbook. I'll need to start tighening up the bedtime and morning routines . . . after all the Harry Potter Events at the library are over. Next week. I hate that I have to be strict year-round about "no T.V. before breakfast". It would be nice to sleep in and let Therin watch Saturday Morning cartoons and get him to come to breakfast without a fuss (o.k. meltdown). That morning transition would be impossible without that rule. The thing bugging me is that I completely forgot about Therin's social story. There was supposed to be a transitional social story that they were supposed to be using at school and then it was supposed to come home with Therin after school was out. Things were so crazy the last week of school that I completely forgot about it. Arrgh. It bugs when I do that. I should have asked for a copy at the last IEP but I didn't. I have been doing some research and I think I have found a wonderful person who will help be an advocate when the school year starts. That is a relief but I do need to talk to her more first. Therin has a hard time with all transitions - positive ones as well as the negative and neutral. Inside to outside activities especially frustrate him. Every day brings a new challenge and this new school year so much more will be expected of him. I hope I can help prepare him enough for the coming months.

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