Saturday, November 24, 2007

Paranoia, sort of.

O.K. So a few months ago my husband wakes me from a dead sleep to tell me that I need to change some stuff on my blog because murderous psychos could find us and steal our kids. I'm sure I got a very long explanation at the time but as I was very tired (and it was 2 a.m.) I fell back asleep, "honey are you listening to me" he says. "Um. Ya. Tell me again in the morning," I say. But he didn't. It was all very surreal. So I asked my berzerk friend if he had, indeed, scared my husband with tales of doom and destruction. "Yes. Here's how a psycho could steal your kids . . . " There is no way I'm divulging that info on the web. My berzerk buddy may have a psychotic mind but at least he's on my side. Now how to fix it is to change the names of the innocent so that nobody knows who they are again. Especially since I keep getting mentioned in our local newspaper and anyone can google me and find out more. Grrrr. Eventually this ploy will succeede -- cashed pages eventually die, don't they? And Bob, Snicklfritz, and Gertrude will once again be anonymous.

The moral of this story: O.K. psychos I've got my eye on you - just don't look at my Flickr. Or my seestor-in-law's site. I'd like to meet all of my nieces and nephews some day. And just don't blog for a few months and all the psychos will go away (um, that one has a flaw - all the not psychos go away too. I've missed you all.)


Krystal said...

Dan (err sigfried) wants to know the full name and address of your psycho friend.

Amberthyme said...

I left cryptic clues as to the identity of my friend in the body of the post. He will know who he is. All others that wish to guess can email me. Muahahahahahahahahahahah.

~Xenophod~ said...

"So I asked my berzerk friend if he had, indeed, scared my husband with tales of doom and destruction."

Based on that, I think I know~~

Amberthyme said...

So email or text me already Xeno! I'm dying to know if you're right!!!!!