Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something to Blog About!

I don't know if I will start blogging regularly again but I have something so wonderful that it can't be contained by a tweet or a FB update. 

Rosemary Wells has been one of my favorite picture book authors for a long time. I love reading her stories to my children, other peoples children and adults. Adults? Yup. Adults. Nearly every early literacy talk I do includes the story Read to your Bunny. During yesterdays meeting we were discussing repainting the bathroom doors and suggested Max & Ruby. Afterward my colleague contacted her to get permission to paint Max & Ruby on our bathroom doors so that pre-readers can get to the right potty. 

We got a reply from her today that she'd be willing to come and paint the doors for us. FOR US!!! WOW! How amazing is that! She is a famous artist that can go anywhere and do anything and she offered to paint our doors for us where the kiddos can watch so that they can see an artist at work. But it doesn't stop there. She also offered to do a literacy talk for teachers and parents in our community. 

Yesterday we were talking about bathroom doors and today we are talking about the early literacy event of a lifetime. The generosity of her offer really humbles me. Today is day one. If this comes together it will be an amazing experience. I really hope that we will be able to raise the money to bring her here.

And now how I REALLY feel . . . 



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