Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Better late than never

Well, it's been since mid April since we last saw the Endocrinologist & the D-Team. I started making phone calls in late July. I left a couple of messages but didn't pursue aggressively. Just a polite "um, excuse me, don't we need to make an appointment to see the endo soon? It's been 3 months." I had to go down to the Hospital Under Construction in August to pick up a prescription from that pharmacy instead of the one right across from my work so I stopped by the office to make the appointment. Long story short, last Monday was the endo appointment.

The lowdown. . .
A1c 7.5 Woo hoo!
We changed some pump settings.
Signed off on the preschool plan.
There was something else cool about that visit
but I lost my train of thought.
I guess it's OK to lose a train, especially if it's a Thomas train covered in lead paint.

Not so good news. Someone forgot to order the other blood tests . . . so we have to go back to see the vampires again.
Sigh. Poor baby.


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Yuck. Vampires. She'll make it through, even though it's not fun sometimes. ;)

Amberthyme said...

Every 3 months is bad enough but the extras really suck.