Sunday, September 09, 2007


So the burning question generated by the last post is how is Brenna doing in preschool? Well, she's not going yet. I felt good about training but there were some things I wanted to talk to her Endocrinologist about and Al lost his job. So the combination of those two things helped make my decision to keep her home for just a little bit longer.

And I really AM chicken. I just couldn't part with all three children on the first day of school.


Bernard said...

Sorry to hear about the lost job, that stinks.

And having gone from homeschooling for 4 years to dropping our three wonderful children off to school last week, I completely understand.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Awwww Amber. Hope that Al finds something soon and everything gets settled.

You're not chicken. You've just reached your limit of what you can handle.

Krystal said...

Aw man, that does stink about Al's job. At least you get to keep your baby at home and you should be coming home to homecooked meals! (if that really happens, let me know).

If things get too frustating, just move to Va. We have jobs here and preschools and cousins!