Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not Meter Blood

Not Meter Blood
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We have this wonderful volcanic rock in front of our house that the kids just love to climb and play on. While climbing down Brenna started to wail piteously. Camera around my neck kicking back on the front porch (a fine view of less than 5 feet away) I didn't see her do anything that would make her cry so i tucked her meter under my arm, scooped her up, and whisked her away to the bathroom.

When she calmed down enough to show me her owie. I whipped out her meter and popped in a strip.
"Look Brenna, free blood! We don't have to poke."
She sniffled some more and took back her hand.
"No mommy, this is NOT meter blood".

Ah, well. I tried. After we cleaned up her hand we had to check her BG anyway.


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Schrack Attack said...

what a brave little one.