Friday, May 04, 2007

My Backpack

Mornings are always hurried trying to get everyone ready and out the door but since Therin has been keeping track of the days he tells me "today is Friday, no school tomorrow" and all the little things his siblings do just don't seem to bother him. Brenna is alway a big helper especially after Therin puts out our bowls or plates on the table - she loves to rearrange them. Sometimes I think she does it just to bug him. But my favorite morning thing to do is put on my backpack. O.K. so this backpack is a little heavier than other backbacks but he's just so cute! I love that I work right across from Rowan's Preschool. I can park at work and walk across the street with him. Since I usually give him a piggyback ride somebody from my work notices and comments on my "new backpack" and Rowan always giggles and says, "It's just me, Rowan".

It's been really cold at work recently even though outside the temperature is nice. Last Friday, I was sitting outside eating & reading when my Mom drove by me and waved. Must be time to pick up Rowan from preschool. I took longer to find my stopping point than I thought because Mom was already outside with Rowan & Brenna getting them into the van as I wobbled over on pins-and-neeedle feet.
"Are you coming with us?" asked Rowan
"I had lunch early today. I came outside to read so I can warm my bones. Library is so cold."
"Can I go to your work? I need to cool my bones, it was hot in my preschool," replied Rowan.
That would have been fun if he could come inside for a bit but there was stuff to do. So I had them drive me around the block and drop me off.


Penny said...

Cute backpack.

Penny said...

Cute backpack.

Drunk Drama Queen said...

REALLY Cute backpack... but then again- I think all three of your "accessories" are too damn cute- I'm biased that way..

Penny said...

Ha, guess I thought it was so cute I should say it twice. Sorry about that.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Now, is it possible to pick up such a backpack at Target or do I have to get one custom made?

Amberthyme said...

Penny - That's O.K. I didn't check my comments that day. I'm pretty sure I've done the same to QofD several times.

DDQ- Thanks! I'm biased as well, but you knew that
Smoochies back attcha

QofD - While Target is one of the places that draws me back to it with the gravitational pull of a small planet. . . this model of backpack is unavailable at any store. This finely handcrafted piece is truly one of a kind.