Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life as We Knew It

I've been listening to audiobooks. My most recent book is called Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Follow the link for the publishers info page, I think it has just enough information there were some good reviews but they gave away too much plot. It's a very interesting book. I'd put it in the Apocalyptic science fiction genre. We have it in the Children's Department but it woud take a VERY mature 6/7/8th grader to handle this book. I could have eaten this book up after reading Watership Down in the 6th grade if it were around. It might even appeal to the Lurliene McDaniels fans - a little bit anyway. It's a "what if" book. What if the moon was hit by a huge asteriod and knocked it closer to the Earth. It starts in mid May and I don't think it'll give anything away that California gets dunked by Tsunami's (LA always ends up "falling into the Pacific" in some way or other). What's wierd is that I started listening to the story about the same date that the moon is knocked out of orbit in the book and they mentioned SanDiego being hit - Rowan was in SanDiego at the time so I felt a momentary panic thinking about him. Then I walked into Walgreens to pick up some diabetes suppilies and had to stand in line right in front of a tabloid that was talking about a little girl that had been kidnapped right out of her parents hotel room while they were on vacation. Rowan was on vacation with my parents. They just got back today. It makes me feel so much better to have him home safe and sound. I love Sci-fi and I've been fiddling around with a plague story since 1996. As much as I like the story (Ms. Pfeffer's, I don't have a completed draft of mine) -- don't read it while you're depressed (although if you did have a draft of mine it would still be good advice). Oh, "Catherine, Called Birdie" fans might enjoy this book as well. It's similar in that it's written as diary entries. Something else reminds me of Catherine too but I just can't put my finger on it. Two plucky young ladies handling circumstances beyond their control the best they know how? Perhaps. If you happen to read it let me know what you think. Oh, if you read the autism fiction books tell me what you though as well.

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