Monday, January 29, 2007

IEP Today

I caught some kind of icky cold that's been going around and have been out of it since last Monday. Monday and Tuesday I took some sick time and slept but I still felt awful when I went back on Wednesday. I used up most of my sick time when Brenna was diagnosed so I didn't have the hours and I had to get the preparations finished for two work thingies that were going on Saturday. I carried Clorox wipes with me everywhere and wiped down phones, knobs, and computer keyboards after touching them.

I was so stressed out about work last week and so fuzzy that I forgot to go over the IEP stuff. I keep a red (Therin's favorite color) binder with everything related to IEP from the first note I got from the Preschool to pamphlets and articles on autism. I can't even remember why we're having an IEP. Therin's teacher called on Thursday evening but by the time I got home I figured it was too late to call her -- and now I'm remember it's 5 a.m. of IEP day and waaaay to early to call. Oh well, I have time to stop & chat with her when I drop Therin off.

Wish me luck! I'll be perusing the red binder until it's time to wake up the kids . . .

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MileMasterSarah said...

Oh! Good luck in your IEP meeting today! I haven’t even had my first meeting yet……I’m so not even close to being an old hand yet, but I’m trying my best to look proficient! I’m looking forward to hearing how things went….hopefully fabulous!