Saturday, January 20, 2007


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Here's Rowan. He has fun at preschool. My sweet boy. I love to watch him play with his friends. I am so lucky that his preschool is across the street. Miss S., his preschool's director, told me how well he is doing (even though he got into trouble that day). She told me that when we're ready that Brenna will be welcomed. This blog is about Rowan so we'll talk about Brenna & preschool another day.

He's at home playing a video game with Therin. I made him pause the game so that I could get this picture. He is such a snuggle bunny. This is a nice smile -- he usually hams it up for the camera. His favorite color is blue (most of the time). He loves his brother so much that he tackles him. Often. Hard. Yet, he gets so irritated when Brenna does the same to him. That makes me laugh. Hey buddy, you're teaching Brenna how to do this. He is the spittin' image of my baby brother. Put a picture of Rowan next to a 4 year old Dan and my kids can't pick who is who (not even Rowan). Now Dan can lie and say that the picture of him sitting nakey, backwards, on the potty is really Rowan! He he he. Rowan will believe it.


AmyT said...

Hi Amber,
Sounds like you and I have a lot in common -- working mom, loving hubby, 3 beautiful children. Just that in my case, I'm the one who got the diabetes. And I'm running this ship! Ooh, the layers of complexity. But I'm still glad it's me. Love your blog. Love the photos. Keep it up :)

Amberthyme said...

Thanks Amy!

George said...

Hey Amber, I just added your blog to the old Blogroll on mine. Thank goodness for the OC website!

Glad to see you on there and look forward to reading your posts!

Drunk Drama Queen said...

Sweet sweet boy!

BTW, Dan is NEVER going to live that potty pic down. Those whom have seen it won't let Rowan take the blame on that one...

hmmm...but maybe you should stage a remake of that photo and hold a contest to see which rump is which..
I'd love to see Mom take a guess! LOL