Thursday, June 21, 2007

Adventures in Potty Training

Too much information - unless you've been privy to the prossess of potty "training" -- or maybe even if you have.
I'm just writing this for posterity. And so I can google this when she's 16.

Nakie girl comes tearing into the living room.

"Mommy, mommy! I pooped in the potty! Come see."

She grabs my hand and we both run down the hall to the bathroom.
Sometimes poop means pee - but there it was just like she said.

"Mommy, one is floating one is sinking."

"Wow! That's amazing"

We stand there admiring her work of art and I notice that the view is unobstructed.

"Hey, I have a great idea! Lets get you some toilet paper"

The previous roll had gone swimming during the last potty break.

When I had finished wiping her bottom and tossed the paper in I inadvertantly reached out to complete the next step.


"Mommy, I'm so mad at you!"

She stomps out hands on hips.

Ah, I'm so used to walking into bathrooms and having to flush all manner of things (both here and at work) I do it automatically. That she might want to admire it a little longer and flush it herself didn't even cross my mind. I've been through this twice you'd think I'd remember that one.


Krystal said...

If she's going in the potty you're way farther along than we are!
We're going into potty training kicking and screaming here. This morning Tess took off her pjs then her diaper then ran into my room and pee'd on the rug. At least she's rug trained. Baby steps.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Holy crap. Literally.

This post was awesome.