Sunday, December 10, 2006

An email from the DX files

Some of this isn't new as I have already talked the
ears off of some of you -- be careful ears on the
floor may be a tripping hazard in the back room.
Please pass the information along to anyone who wants
to know.

Brenna has been diagnosed with type 1 (insulin
dependent) diabetes. Her pancreas has for an unknown
reason stopped producing insulin (doctors have lots of
theories but they really don't know for sure what
causes this. They say that "envornmental & genetic
factors" play a role but they are still researching).
She will not grow out of it. Right now our focus is
making it a part of our daily lives. We are working on
a routine and once I figure out the carbs for her
regular meals and snacks I'll be able to make a more
regular menu. There is so much to learn. We're
keeping things matter of fact - not fussing over her
after finger pokes or shots - "ouch, that hurt would
you like to color or play with playdough?"

Brenna is such a trooper she already picks a finger
for the glucose test! She still whimpers and squirms
when I give her insulin. When the nurse at the
hospital gave me a shot (with saline in it) it didn't
hurt much but when I let Brenna pick one of my fingers
and used the lanset it hurt for awhile -- I must be
doing something wrong with the shots. For the moment
we're using a sliding scale for insulin doses based on
pre-food glucose.
She has 3 kinds of insulin and I give her between 3 to
5 shots a day- usually 4 or 5 at the moment but her
diabetes nurse tells me that it will change as she

Thank you for all of your good wishes and support. The
cards were wonderful. I keep them in her diabetes
folder and break them out when ever I need to "hear"
your advice & kind words.

Thank you,

P.S. If any one knows of any good books about this or
carb counting let me know.

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Kerri said...

Dear Amber,

I have just come across your blog and I wanted to let you know I'm listening. I am sorry that Brenna has been diagnosed with diabetes. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was six, a little over twenty years ago. I'm 27 yeras old now and am very healthy, strong, and educated about my condition. It hasn't stopped me from accomplishing any of my goals. And I don't anticipate letting it.

I can't imagine what you are going through or feeling, but I can say that she will be okay. It's a very difficult journey, with every diabetic experiencing a unique variation on the same theme: How do I keep this under control?

If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions, or send any resources your way. Even if you would like to speak with my mother, I would be more than happy to put you in contact with her.

I write over at Six Until Me (thanks for linking me, by the way!) and I have a lot of diabetes blogs listed on my blogroll. There are many parents of diabetic children who are blogging. Reading their stories may help you. And check out some of the blogs written by people with diabetes. Reading their stories may help you feel more confident about Brenna's beautiful future.

Feel free to email me at kerri @ sixuntilme . com. And all the best to your little girl.

-- Kerri.