Sunday, December 10, 2006

After reading a few stories and going in a few chat rooms I know my little girl is so very lucky. DX'd on 8/17/06

1. We caught it before it got too bad and even with the misdiagnosis at the beginning she is still here with us.
2. Her Endo trained at a hospital that started infants and toddlers on the pump right away.
3. Some paperwork fairy in Kaiserland ( probably Nurse J. or her Endo ) got the pump approved and the paperwork on it's way to Animas so fast that . . .
4. Brenna's pump arrived in a few days! (I was told to not expect the pump to arrive for a month)
5. Her Animas rep had her hooked up before the end of September - 6 weeks after diagnosis.

Some parents have had to fight for a pump for their child. I can't imagine life without it. We have given her very few shots since she's been hooked up to the pump but I am positive that I will remember how to use needles correctly for a very, very long time. If, for some reason I forget, look out oranges!

I still feel like I'm fine tuning things with her pump and she gets tested somewhere between 6 & 12 times a day but the more I help her do this the more I learn. The more I learn the better info I can give her when she starts to take over.

So far we own "Pumping Insulin" but any help is welcome and I read just about anything.

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