Sunday, December 10, 2006

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Brenna update

Brenna is up and running! The trick now is catching
her. If only I had her energy . . .

We went to an appointment on Monday, September 11th.

After dropping off Rowan at preschool we saw Chris on
his way back from the market. After a little chat &
cheese we were on our way (thanks Chris the cheese came in handy)

The Dr Visit was kind of like being in an IEP meeting
except for the fact that all of the professionals
rotated through the uncomfortable examination room
instead of all surrounding me in the principals office
-- oh, it was longer too. We were there from 10:30 to
12:30. I was so glad my Mom was there to take Brenna
on walks when she started to bounce off the walls.
The Dr. who misdiagnosed her to begin with came into
the room at the same time as her new Encocrinologist
so I bit my tongue. He said felt very bad and yet the
only apology he offered was "sometimes things like
that happen". Luckily (unluckily?) my mother was out
of the room (my poor tongue). Both Doctors cut me off
when I tried to ask why he didn't test her blood. I
bet he can't wait to read my evaluation!*

Good things happening from that visit:
-Brenna gets a pump!!!!! Sometime within a month
This will help so much with insulin doses.
-Dietian says she's eating well
-I keep good records
-Nurse says that she seems to be doing well and that I
have good instincts about her insulin doses.

Not so good things(not inherently bad either):
-Endocrinologist says I need to do exactly as she says
because we need to do this scientifically (I guess she
doesn't like my instincts)... so I will, when it won't
hurt my daughter
-Went to do more blood tests -- took a nurse to help
me hold her and one to draw blood
-Blood test came back that she has a hypothyroidism
and I need to give her 1 1/2 pills each morning, 1/2
hour before breakfast, on an empty stomach -- tomorrow
is the first day . . . wish me luck.

Life goes on . . . Rowan is doing great in preschool
and I have an IEP at Standiford for Therin. I'm
thinking of starting a blog -- I love reading Coxford
News. It's great to read something so joyful!
Mundane would be nice too. Keep me in the loop. If
you see any interesting email -- send it on to me.

* Kaiser never did send me an evaluation in the mail about that particular visit. I guess I told the story enough while Brenna was in the hospital that my complaints got to somebody.

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