Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hey Deetle!

If you get here and read this post. Tell me how you got flickr on your blog. And how do I make a link You so rock. Too bad you're so far away.
Yer Seestor,


Krystal said...

Uh're being watched. Dan told me how to find your blog :)


~Xenophod~ said...

Hey Seestor!

I found your bloggity-blog!

To add a link to my web site and a flickr badge, you need to edit your Blog's template.

I'll send you an email showing you all the code because the comment thingy won't allow me to post it.

I love you Seestor!
Happy Holidays!!!

Amberthyme said...

Hi Krystal & Dan! Thanks for dropping by! I've been a lurker 'round your blogs for years I guess it's time for a little payback . . .