Sunday, December 03, 2006

Who are the drugs for?

At a recent IEP (individual education plan) meeting at my son's school the school Psychologist suggested putting my son on drugs to help with his condition. This is the same woman who has never observed any abnormal behavior from my son while visiting his classroom. She is one of the main people against giving him an aide to help him in class. The reason? Having an aide would be a "restrictive enviornment" and they must let him learn in the "least restrictive enviornment". Wouldn't putting him on drugs be more invasive than having a person beside him telling him that he need not pull his pants down to his knees to scratch his butt? Drugs won't change the fact that he DOESN'T GET IT. Social mistakes that other children need to do only once he will repeat until the connection in his brain is made. And that will only happen in the heat of the moment when the teacher is busy with 19 other students. I can't be there to figure out what is going on and it doesn't help for me to "talk with him" about the situation 4 hours after the fact. So I ask the question: Who are the drugs for? My son? Or the school so they don't have to spend money helping my child? Arrrgh.

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